Bitter Sweet

This time of year is always bittersweet for all of us campers. Every weekend another camper closes up for the season, headed home to gear up for winter. It is so sad to watch as everyone packs up…. but it is also nice to watch the leaves change color on all the beautiful trees. It is very exciting to start working on new projects that will make next spring even better than the one we just had. But my favorite part (of my least favorite part of the season) is looking back on how amazing the summer has been. We really did have a wonderful summer. We tried out some new tings… like our attempt at making homemade ice cream, we may have ended up with milkshakes but we all had smiles on our faces. Next year we won’t pick the hottest day of the year to roll coffee cans back and forth, and maybe we will actually get ice cream! We had a successful obstacle course, and I have some ideas to make next year’s even better. Halloween was spooky as ever. It may have rained and we may have gotten wet but at the end of the weekend our hunted hay ride was a success. Jackson has not stopped talking about it! He wanted to know why we had to take it all down; he thinks we should keep it up and do it again on real Halloween. He has some great ideas for next year, and cannot wait for fake Halloween. I’m starting to think he likes fake Halloween more than real Halloween. My favorite event of the summer was the kid’s carnival. We have never had so many compliments on an event! It was great to see all the kids playing games, and to have all the adults involved. Over all the summer was a hit, and all this talk is getting me excited about planning everything for next summer. We want to know what your favorite part of the summer was. Please share your comments below on the blog.

“Things end, but memories last forever.”



To tell you all the truth I have never been winters biggest fan. It is cold and dark… I’d rather be hibernating. I have been promised this year is going to be different. I am going to learn to snowboard. I’m not going to lie I am a little scared. Scared or not I’m going to do it… I just hope I like it. What I am really excited about is learning how to ice climb! I have recently discovered a love for rock climbing and if I can do it in the winter I’m in! I don’t think I will like any season more than summer, but for once I am looking forward to what winter has to offer. I am going to do my best to keep everyone posted through the winter on things that will be going on at camp next summer. I thought it would also be fun to share our winter stories. Let’s not lose touch just because the snow starts falling. Feel free to leave comments on the blog or on our facebook page Just because we are not camping does not mean we can’t have fun. We hope all of you enjoy your winter, and if you plan on hibernating just remember spring and summer are right around the corner. We can’t wait to see everyone next year, and hope you share some fun winter stories!