"Roughing It"

Roughing It

Growing up every summer our family, like most others, looked forward to going on vacation. Vacation = Camping!!! And this meant we got to spend all day in the water swimming and fishing, and then we stayed up late to roast s’mores. It was the best time, and now these times are some of my best memories. Even when we were sleeping in the tent and woke up in a puddle of water, got food poisoning, and “lost” my brother. We had so much fun. After years of sleeping on the ground, we got our first camper!! I will never forget those blue, purple, and green striped curtains. We woke up dry, had heat, and running water. Now this was a big step up from the tent that never seemed to keep the rain out. As the years passed and as we got older, camping (even in the camper) just did not have the same appeal, but every year mom would pack all our stuff and dad would somehow manage to get it all to fit in the van and we would go camping.

Our very first year camping at Hemlocks Campground… well let’s just say I was not the happiest of campers. Not even my dad’s famous blueberry pancakes could get me out of my funk. At this point I was a teenager and my parents dragged me off to the middle of nowhere so we could go “roughing it” (In

a camper with AC, heat, running water and electricity to power my cell phone). I was miserable. My dad said “get out of the camper and go make some friends” but I had friends so many my phone did not stop ringing… until my dad threw it in the fire. I decided maybe making new friends was not such a bad idea. I made a few friends before the week was over, and I do have a few great memories from that trip. When we got home my parents talked about how friendly everyone was and how much they wanted to go back. Well, we took two vacations that year and then we were hooked. The next summer we became seasonal campers. The people we have met here are now like our family. Every year our camp family changes, some members leave. and sometimes we gain new members we did not realize we had. Like every family we have our ups and downs but those just make us stronger.   Camping is not like it used to be, but we always seem to have the best time when we are “roughing it”. What are some of your favorite memories of your family camping trips? Do you think camping needs to go back to the basics, or do you think all the ammonites have made it better?

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Summer’s Events

Time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe how fast the summer is going? We have been having so much fun racing in the obstacle course, hopping around with the

Easter bunny, and getting catch of the

day during the fishing derby. Now it’s time to kick off July with Beach day. This Month is going to be so much fun!! We have some new events planned and we are bringing back some old favorites. Make sure you check out the events schedule so you don’t miss out on anything. If there is an event you would like to help out with please let me (Stacey know). For every  one who has helped thank you very much!!!