What is check in and out time? Check in is at 1pm and check out by 12pm. Early arrivals and late departures are permitted if the site is available but may require an additional fee. Call the morning of your arrival for availability.

Are we allowed to have visitors? Visitors are permitted but please advise them of the following information: All visitors must stop to register at the store, no exceptions. There is a visitor fee, but it may be refunded if the stay is less than one hour. Visiting hours are between 8am and 9pm on weekdays and 8am to 10pm on weekends. Visitors with their own camping equipment must obtain their own site. We reserve the right to deny access to any visitor. You are responsible for your visitors, so if you are not on the premises, you’re visitors will not be allowed in the campground.

Are overnight guests allowed? Yes any visitor stating later than 9pm on weeknights and 10 pm on weekends can purchase an overnight pass as long as they are staying in your camping equipment. Visitors with their own camping equipment must obtain their own site. We have a one family, per site rule. We reserve the right to deny any visitor an overnight pass. Over-crowding a site is not permitted and is determined by the office.

What are your quiet hours? 11pm to 7am. We are a family oriented campground and with this in mind, we strictly enforce our quiet hours. This is to ensure all our campers enjoy their time here. Violators may be asked to leave without warning.

How many vehicles are permitted per site? Most sites can accommodate 2 vehicles. However, there are some sites that only accommodate one. We do offer a parking area for additional vehicles if necessary.  

Are fishing licenses required in order to fish in Trip Lake? Yes, fishing licenses are required based on the Maine state law

I'd like to bring my boat, what do I need to know? Hemlocks Campground has a private boat lunch and three docks. The docking fee is $7.00 per day plus tax. Jet skis and jet powered boats are not permitted due to lake regulations.  

Are bikes permitted? Yes, during daylight hours only. They must be ridden on camp roads and trails, not in between the sites. Helmets and sneakers are strongly encouraged.

Are pets permitted? Yes, at the discretion of the campground. Owners must have proof of their pet’s recent rabies shot. Pets must be quiet and hooked to a leash at all times, even on your campsite. You are required to clean up after your pet(s). Pets are not allowed on the beach, or playground areas, nor in any of the buildings. They may not be left unattended.

May I bring my minibike?    We do not allow and gas powered recreational vehicles such as; minibikes, trail bikes, dirt bikes, four wheelers, or golf carts (electric golf carts are permitted as long as you have proof of insurance).

Are fireworks permitted? No, fireworks and firearms are not permitted in the campground.

What if I need to cancel or leave early? A 14 day notice is required to receive a refund and avoid a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is based on the original reservation, an additional service charge of $10 will be withheld. There are no refunds if leaving early. Campers who leave early forfeit all rights to their campsite.

What is there to do? We offer events from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We can also recommend many wonderful places to play and/or eat. Please see our around camp, summer events, and local attractions tabs for more information.