"There's no wi-fi on the lake, but we promise you'll find a better connection here."

I've owned Hemlocks Campground since 2006. I've loved seeing so many wonderful families over the past 17 seasons enjoy this space as much as my own children & grandchildren do. Creating a place where families can run and laugh has always been my dream. I never imagined just how much each of these families would feel like an extension  of my own.  

Each year we strive to make this beautiful campground a little better than what it was the year before. All while remembering why we fell in love with it to begin with. In a world where everything feels fast paced we are intentional about keeping the good things simple. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.

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We've been helping Ernie manage the campground for as long as we've been together. It was never our dream to step into these roles, but somehow it feels like they were always meant for us. We've raised our children here, created some of our best memories, and built a community we could never imagine leaving. There's no better place to spend your summers, and we love being part of the magic families find here.

Mike & Stacey


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The reason our campground is so successful is because of our campers. We love that they care about this place just as much as we do. Regardless of if they just met you, or if you've been friends for years, they are the first to lend a hand no matter what you need. They'll invite you to their site for a bite to eat, or help you get a fire going to toast your s'mores. 

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